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West Bromwich, Staffordshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Attwell, Betsy  Abt 1854West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1447
2 Attwell, Eleazar  Abt 1886West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4014
3 Attwell, James  Abt 1862West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1451
4 Attwell, James E  1890West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4015
5 Attwell, John  Abt 1856West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1448
6 Attwell, John  Abt 1869West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1453
7 Attwell, Joseph  Abt 1861West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1450
8 Attwell, Maria  Abt 1859West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1449
9 Attwell, Martha  1851West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1445
10 Attwell, Mary Ann  Abt 1847West Bromwich, Staffordshire I2049
11 Attwell, Phoebe  Abt 1851West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1446
12 Attwell, Rose Hannah  Abt 1849West Bromwich, Staffordshire I6565
13 Attwell, Sarah  Abt 1846West Bromwich, Staffordshire I6564
14 Attwell, Thomas  Abt 1842West Bromwich, Staffordshire I2046
15 Attwell, William  Abt 1843West Bromwich, Staffordshire I2047
16 Atwell, Joseph  1880West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1460
17 Baggott, Caroline  1846West Bromwich, Staffordshire I13444
18 Cutler, David  Abt 1846West Bromwich, Staffordshire I10133
19 Cutler, Edward  Abt 1848West Bromwich, Staffordshire I10134
20 Cutler, Joseph  Abt 1845West Bromwich, Staffordshire I10132
21 Cutler, Samuel  Abt 1822West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1759
22 Cutler, Samuel  Abt 1844West Bromwich, Staffordshire I10131
23 Edge, Samuel  Abt 1879West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4013
24 Edge, William  Abt 1875West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4012
25 Lawrence, Letitia  Abt 1853West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4010
26 Markham, Gerald  Abt 1895West Bromwich, Staffordshire I3714
27 Markham, James  1880West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1462
28 Markham, Joseph  Abt 1859West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1461
29 Markham, Priscilla  Abt 1899West Bromwich, Staffordshire I3715
30 Merry, Lucy Maria  Abt 1848West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1454
31 Osborn, Elizabeth  Abt 1859West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4001
32 Selman, Ann  Abt 1846West Bromwich, Staffordshire I625
33 Selman, Emma  1847West Bromwich, Staffordshire I5906
34 Selman, Hannah  Abt 1843West Bromwich, Staffordshire I5907
35 Selman, Joseph  Abt 1856West Bromwich, Staffordshire I628
36 Selman, Sarah  4 Aug 1849West Bromwich, Staffordshire I626
37 Selman, William  Abt 1854West Bromwich, Staffordshire I627
38 Skidmore, Joseph  1844West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1829
39 Solomon, Laban  Abt 1842West Bromwich, Staffordshire I12194
40 Whitehouse, Abraham  Abt 1851West Bromwich, Staffordshire I13321
41 Wilkins, Eliza  Abt 1868West Bromwich, Staffordshire I5909

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Selman, Ann  Abt 1847West Bromwich, Staffordshire I625
2 Solomon, Enoch  Abt 1844West Bromwich, Staffordshire I12195
3 Solomon, Jabez  Abt 1837West Bromwich, Staffordshire I2094


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Harriet  1881West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4016
2 Attwell, Eleazar  Abt 1901West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4014
3 Attwell, James  Abt 1881West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1451
4 Attwell, John  Abt 1871West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1448
5 Attwell, John  Abt 1881West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1448
6 Attwell, Joseph  Abt 1881West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1450
7 Attwell, Joseph  Abt 1891West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1450
8 Attwell, Joseph  Abt 1901West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1450
9 Attwell, Samuel  Abt 1861West Bromwich, Staffordshire I2048
10 Attwell, Thomas  Abt 1861West Bromwich, Staffordshire I2046
11 Attwell, William  West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1574
12 Attwell, William  Abt 1861West Bromwich, Staffordshire I2047
13 Cutler, Samuel  Abt 1851West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1759
14 Edge, Samuel  Abt 1901West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4013
15 Edge, William  Abt 1891West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4012
16 Edge, William  Abt 1901West Bromwich, Staffordshire I4012
17 Markham, James  1901West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1462
18 Markham, Joseph  Abt 1881West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1461
19 Markham, Joseph  Abt 1901West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1461
20 Selman, Edward  Abt 1841West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1182
21 Selman, Edward  Abt 1861West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1182
22 Selman, George  Abt 1851West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1158
23 Selman, Thomas  Abt 1816West Bromwich, Staffordshire I1176
24 Selman, William  Abt 1841West Bromwich, Staffordshire I631
25 Selman, William  Abt 1851West Bromwich, Staffordshire I631
26 Selman, William  Between 1854 and 1865West Bromwich, Staffordshire I631
27 Selman, William George  Abt 1841West Bromwich, Staffordshire I898
28 Selman, William George  Abt 1851West Bromwich, Staffordshire I898
29 Wilkins, Joseph  Abt 1871West Bromwich, Staffordshire I5908