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Sheffield, Yorkshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I13717
2 Harriet  Abt 1803Sheffield, Yorkshire I5633
3 Bark, Annie  Abt 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire I13111
4 Barton, Alice Eleanor  Abt 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire I1864
5 Beardsell, Gertrude  Abt 1878Sheffield, Yorkshire I5585
6 Bell, Fanny  Abt 1847Sheffield, Yorkshire I5891
7 Bunting, Elsie  Abt 1896Sheffield, Yorkshire I5899
8 Bunting, Harold  Abt 1898Sheffield, Yorkshire I5900
9 Bunting, William Albert  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire I5898
10 Cox, John Henry  Abt 1837Sheffield, Yorkshire I1845
11 Cox, Selina Gertrude  Abt 1859Sheffield, Yorkshire I1843
12 Dalton, Eliza  Abt 1842Sheffield, Yorkshire I5619
13 Davis, Ivy Isabelle  Abt 1894Sheffield, Yorkshire I1954
14 Garratt, Florence Ada  Abt 1872Sheffield, Yorkshire I12281
15 Gummer, Lily Gertrude  24 Jun 1920Sheffield, Yorkshire I11562
16 Hodgson, William  Abt 1834Sheffield, Yorkshire I12193
17 Lawcock, Arthur Thompson  23 Oct 1896Sheffield, Yorkshire I6584
18 Lawcock, Avena Winifred  1890Sheffield, Yorkshire I5813
19 Lawcock, Ellen Mary  Abt 1888Sheffield, Yorkshire I5812
20 Lawcock, Harry  30 Mar 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I6586
21 Lawcock, Leonard Jacques  1892Sheffield, Yorkshire I6583
22 Lawcock, Wilfred  Abt 1898Sheffield, Yorkshire I6585
23 Lawrence, Caroline  Abt 1829Sheffield, Yorkshire I5608
24 Marples, Alfred  Abt 1861Sheffield, Yorkshire I405
25 Marples, Alice  Abt 1857Sheffield, Yorkshire I403
26 Marples, Frank  Abt 1888Sheffield, Yorkshire I114
27 Marples, George  Abt 1852Sheffield, Yorkshire I102
28 Marples, Lucy  Abt 1860Sheffield, Yorkshire I404
29 Orton, Mary Ellen  Abt 1840Sheffield, Yorkshire I5630
30 Parker, Priscilla  Abt 1867Sheffield, Yorkshire I5795
31 Solomon, Horace Harold J  21 Apr 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire I2098
32 Walker, John Henry  Abt 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire I5641
33 Waller, John  13 Sep 1915Sheffield, Yorkshire I11561
34 Watson, Annie Marion E  Abt 1896Sheffield, Yorkshire I13112
35 Watson, Lilian  1897Sheffield, Yorkshire I13113
36 Watson, Lionel Arthur  Mar 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I13114
37 Westran, Ada  Abt 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire I5621
38 Westran, Ada  Abt 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire I5892
39 Westran, Albert Edward  Abt 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire I6032
40 Westran, Alfred  Abt 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire I6031
41 Westran, Ann  Abt 1847Sheffield, Yorkshire I5889
42 Westran, Ann  Abt 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire I5637
43 Westran, Annie L  1870Sheffield, Yorkshire I5623
44 Westran, Annie Mary  Abt 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire I5631
45 Westran, Charles Newby  1893Sheffield, Yorkshire I12282
46 Westran, Douglas  Abt 1898Sheffield, Yorkshire I12283
47 Westran, Ernest  Abt 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire I5895
48 Westran, Ethel Elizabeth  Abt 1888Sheffield, Yorkshire I6030
49 Westran, Fanny  Abt 1889Sheffield, Yorkshire I5897
50 Westran, Florence  Abt 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire I5620

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Booth, George  6 May 1954Sheffield, Yorkshire I7397
2 Gummer, Lily Gertrude  2003Sheffield, Yorkshire I11562
3 Percival, Sarah Ann  10 Feb 1967Sheffield, Yorkshire I7398
4 Waller, John  1985Sheffield, Yorkshire I11561

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Selman, Henry  Abt 1860Sheffield, Yorkshire I630
2 Thompson, Ann  Abt 1798Sheffield, Yorkshire I5599
3 Townsley, Violetta  Abt 1860Sheffield, Yorkshire I4933
4 Walker, Elizabeth  Abt 1857Sheffield, Yorkshire I5640
5 Westran, William  Abt 1866Sheffield, Yorkshire I407


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barker, Joseph  Sheffield, Yorkshire I5613
2 Beardsell, Jesse  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I5581
3 Beardsell, Thomas H  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I5584
4 Lawcock, George  Sheffield, Yorkshire I908
5 Lawcock, George B  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I5811
6 Thompson, Ann  Abt 1851Sheffield, Yorkshire I5599
7 Watson, James Duncan G  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I4962
8 Watson, John Albert  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I1247
9 Westran, Charles  Abt 1851Sheffield, Yorkshire I5601
10 Westran, Charles  Abt 1861Sheffield, Yorkshire I5601
11 Westran, Charles Parkin  Sheffield, Yorkshire I408
12 Westran, Frederick James "Fred"  Abt 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I5636
13 Westran, George  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I1076
14 Westran, George  Abt 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I1076
15 Westran, George  Abt 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire I1076
16 Westran, George Clifton "Cliff"  Abt 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire I409
17 Westran, George Clifton "Cliff"  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I409
18 Westran, George Henry  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I5635
19 Westran, George Henry  Abt 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I5635
20 Westran, John  Sheffield, Yorkshire I5602
21 Westran, Joseph  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I5611
22 Westran, Martha  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I5609
23 Westran, Newby  Abt 1851Sheffield, Yorkshire I5600
24 Westran, Newby  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I5600
25 Westran, Newby  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I5632
26 Westran, William  Abt 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I407
27 Westran, William  Abt 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire I407