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Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Harriet  1861Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13303
2 Billingsley, Ann  1861Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13304
3 Billingsley, Eliza  1851Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13309
4 Billingsley, George  1861Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13308
5 Billingsley, John  1861Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13307
6 Billingsley, John  1861Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13302
7 Billingsley, Richard  1861Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13306
8 Cox, John  1851Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13313
9 Cox, John  1851Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13310
10 Cox, Richard  1851Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I13314
11 Doleman, Ann  1861Bilston Road, Tipton, Staffordshire I575