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Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Anne  Abt 1847Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I7833
2 Barlow, Sam  Abt 1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9381
3 Cook, Ann  Abt 1833Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9267
4 Kay, Albert  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4318
5 Kay, Arthur  Abt 1858Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I6025
6 Kay, Arthur  Abt 1862Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4938
7 Kay, Eliza A  Abt 1858Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I7860
8 Kay, Emily  Abt 1888Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4939
9 Kay, Emma  Abt 1854Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12503
10 Kay, Emma  1860Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I7861
11 Kay, George  1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I6026
12 Kay, Harvey  Abt 1899Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12267
13 Kay, Ivy H A  Abt 1896Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12266
14 Kay, Joseph  Abt 1857Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4317
15 Kay, Mark Wordsworth  1890Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4940
16 Kay, Sarah A  Abt 1864Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4319
17 Kay, Tom  Abt 1856Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I6024
18 Kay, Valentine Sidney  Abt Feb 1871Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4320
19 Kay, William  Abt 1857Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I7859
20 Kay, Willie W  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12265
21 Lister, Ann  Abt 1832Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2391
22 Loveday, James H  Abt 1852Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12258
23 Loveday, Robert  Abt 1856Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12259
24 Loveday, William  1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12260
25 Mellor, Alfred  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I10647
26 Roberts, Eliza  Abt 1848Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I13724
27 Roberts, Robert William  Abt 1847Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I13723
28 Selman, Arthur Lewis  1884Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2411
29 Selman, Charlotte  Abt 1883Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2410
30 Selman, James  1871Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I981
31 Selman, John  1864Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I980
32 Selman, Maria  Abt 1865Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I979
33 Selman, Thomas  1867Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I977
34 Sidaway, John  Abt 1874Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4945
35 Sidaway, Sarah  Abt 1877Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4946
36 Sidaway, Thomas  Abt 1879Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4947
37 Skidmore, Mary  1871Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1833
38 Watson, Arthur Nettleton  Abt 1860Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I5951
39 Watson, James Henry  1858Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I5950
40 Wigfield, Elizabeth  Abt 1793Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I996
41 Wordsworth, Aaron  Abt 1858Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1272
42 Wordsworth, Albert  Abt 1873Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1287
43 Wordsworth, Albert  Abt 1886Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4935
44 Wordsworth, Alice  Abt 1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4914
45 Wordsworth, Amelia Meggitt  1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4941
46 Wordsworth, Amelia Negget  Abt 1865Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1284
47 Wordsworth, Annie  Abt 1862Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2394
48 Wordsworth, Annie G  Abt 1877Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2222
49 Wordsworth, Blanche  1896Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4942
50 Wordsworth, Catherine  Abt 1856Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2392

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Anne  3 Oct 1847Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I7833
2 Barlow, Sam  5 Dec 1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9381
3 Cook, Ann  15 Dec 1833Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9267
4 Wigfield, Elizabeth  26 May 1793Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I996
5 Wordsworth, Abraham  15 Sep 1833Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9263
6 Wordsworth, Albert  13 Feb 1842Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9254
7 Wordsworth, Alfred  21 Jun 1837Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9258
8 Wordsworth, Christiana  15 Feb 1789Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9215
9 Wordsworth, Eliza  18 Sep 1836Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1261
10 Wordsworth, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1822Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2407
11 Wordsworth, Elizabeth  2 Jun 1844Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1266
12 Wordsworth, George  24 Aug 1817Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I991
13 Wordsworth, George  26 Jul 1835Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9265
14 Wordsworth, George  16 Feb 1840Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1257
15 Wordsworth, Gregory  15 Dec 1793Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9211
16 Wordsworth, Hannah  20 Feb 1820Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1276
17 Wordsworth, Harriet  13 Feb 1831Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I999
18 Wordsworth, Isaac  15 Mar 1829Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9266
19 Wordsworth, Isaac  11 Aug 1833Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9257
20 Wordsworth, James  15 Oct 1826Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I998
21 Wordsworth, James  4 Apr 1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1260
22 Wordsworth, Jane  16 Apr 1826Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9236
23 Wordsworth, Joe  1 Dec 1844Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9255
24 Wordsworth, John  19 Jun 1791Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9210
25 Wordsworth, John  13 Jun 1824Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I997
26 Wordsworth, John  27 Jul 1828Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9256
27 Wordsworth, Joseph  4 Sep 1836Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9239
28 Wordsworth, Joseph  1 Apr 1849Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1259
29 Wordsworth, Mark  27 Apr 1828Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9238
30 Wordsworth, Mark  11 Jan 1829Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2408
31 Wordsworth, Mark  14 Aug 1842Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I458
32 Wordsworth, Mary  25 Oct 1846Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1258
33 Wordsworth, Robert  14 Aug 1803Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9213
34 Wordsworth, Robert  27 Feb 1814Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1274
35 Wordsworth, Septimus  7 Oct 1838Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9264
36 Wordsworth, Thomas  25 Oct 1795Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9214
37 Wordsworth, Thomas  17 Jul 1831Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9262
38 Wordsworth, Uriah  25 Jan 1820Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9234
39 Wordsworth, William  29 Apr 1798Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9212
40 Wordsworth, William  15 Apr 1827Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9261
41 Wordsworth, Zechariah  27 Oct 1822Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9237

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Anne  Abt 1845Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I7833
2 Wordsworth, Elizabeth  Abt 1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1266
3 Wordsworth, Elizabeth Hannah  Abt 1877Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2405
4 Wordsworth, Hannah  Abt 1856Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1273
5 Wordsworth, Joseph  Abt 1847Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1259


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Sarah  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9253
2 Burgan, Eliza  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1787
3 Kay, Sarah  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I992
4 Lister, Ann  1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2391
5 Lister, Ann  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2391
6 Lister, William  1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4957
7 Sampson, Harriet  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1267
8 Selman, Ann  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I625
9 Selman, Annie  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1841
10 Selman, Maud  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1842
11 Selman, William  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I627
12 Skidmore, Elizabeth  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1830
13 Skidmore, George  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1832
14 Skidmore, Henry  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1831
15 Skidmore, Joseph  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1834
16 Skidmore, Mary  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1833
17 Skidmore, William  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1835
18 Walker, Caroline  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1277
19 Wigfield, Elizabeth  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I996
20 Wordsworth, Albert  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9254
21 Wordsworth, Albert  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1287
22 Wordsworth, Amelia Negget  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1284
23 Wordsworth, Annie  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2394
24 Wordsworth, Catherine  1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2392
25 Wordsworth, Catherine  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2392
26 Wordsworth, Eliza  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1261
27 Wordsworth, Emily  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1285
28 Wordsworth, George  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1257
29 Wordsworth, George  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I991
30 Wordsworth, George  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9209
31 Wordsworth, Hannah  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1276
32 Wordsworth, Harriet  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I999
33 Wordsworth, James  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I998
34 Wordsworth, James  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I993
35 Wordsworth, James  1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I998
36 Wordsworth, James  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I998
37 Wordsworth, Joe  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9255
38 Wordsworth, John  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I997
39 Wordsworth, John  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I997
40 Wordsworth, Joseph Walker  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1618
41 Wordsworth, Mark  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1283
42 Wordsworth, Mary  1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1258
43 Wordsworth, Robert  1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1274
44 Wordsworth, Robert  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1274
45 Wordsworth, Sampson  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1268
46 Wordsworth, Sarah Jane  1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1278
47 Wordsworth, William  1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2393
48 Wordsworth, William  1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2393


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Susannah  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9205
2 Bamforth, Harry  Abt 1901Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I7828
3 Barlow, George  Abt 1841Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9380
4 Dickinson, Walter  Abt 1911Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1593
5 Hodgson, William  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12193
6 Kay, Arthur  Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4938
7 Kay, James  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1005
8 Kay, Jonathan  Abt 1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I7853
9 Kay, Joseph  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1006
10 Kay, Joseph  Abt 1871Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4317
11 Kay, Joseph  Abt 1871Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1006
12 Lewis, Henry  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1836
13 Lewis, Joseph  Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I3962
14 Lister, William  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4957
15 Loveday, Robert  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12196
16 Mellor, William  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I10643
17 Moody, John Franklin  Abt 1901Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I11555
18 Palfreyman, William  Abt 1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9204
19 Parkes, Samuel  Abt 1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I2149
20 Pinder, Sarah A  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I11554
21 Schofield, Benjamin  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I11576
22 Selman, Ann  Abt 1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I625
23 Selman, George  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I876
24 Selman, Joseph  Abt 1871Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I628
25 Selman, Mary  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I629
26 Selman, William  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12190
27 Selman, William  Abt 1871Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I627
28 Selman, William  Abt 1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I627
29 Selman, William George  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I898
30 Sidaway, Samuel  Abt 1881Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4944
31 Skidmore, Elizabeth  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1830
32 Skidmore, George  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1832
33 Skidmore, Joseph  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1834
34 Skidmore, William  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1835
35 Solomon, Enoch  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12195
36 Solomon, Laban  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I12194
37 Ward, Charles  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I11550
38 Ward, Rowland  Abt 1901Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I11551
39 Watson, Henry  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1654
40 Wordsworth, Aaron  Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1272
41 Wordsworth, Aaron  Abt 1901Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1272
42 Wordsworth, Abraham  Abt 1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9263
43 Wordsworth, Abraham  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9263
44 Wordsworth, Albert  Abt 1891Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1287
45 Wordsworth, Albert  Abt 1901Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I4935
46 Wordsworth, George  Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I991
47 Wordsworth, George  Abt 1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9209
48 Wordsworth, George  Abt 1851Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1257
49 Wordsworth, George  Abt 1861Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I1257
50 Wordsworth, George  Abt 1871Hoyland Nether, Yorkshire I9273

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