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Finchingfield, Essex



Latitude: 51.966671, Longitude: 0.450000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1824Finchingfield, Essex I1879
2 Emma  Abt 1844Finchingfield, Essex I4989
3 Ager, Emma  Abt 1857Finchingfield, Essex I1288
4 Ager, Hannah  1849Finchingfield, Essex I1944
5 Ager, Sarah  Abt 1824Finchingfield, Essex I1174
6 Broyd, Alfred  Abt 1866Finchingfield, Essex I5525
7 Broyd, Ann  Abt 1847Finchingfield, Essex I5518
8 Broyd, Archibald John  Abt 1868Finchingfield, Essex I3968
9 Broyd, Arthur  Abt 1873Finchingfield, Essex I5555
10 Broyd, Arthur  Abt 1884Finchingfield, Essex I796
11 Broyd, Charlotte Elizabeth  1870Finchingfield, Essex I3969
12 Broyd, Christopher  Abt 1876Finchingfield, Essex I5530
13 Broyd, Edward  Abt 1782Finchingfield, Essex I1400
14 Broyd, Ellen  Abt 1868Finchingfield, Essex I1291
15 Broyd, Ellen  Abt 1872Finchingfield, Essex I5529
16 Broyd, Ellen  Abt 1874Finchingfield, Essex I5556
17 Broyd, Emma  Abt 1877Finchingfield, Essex I5557
18 Broyd, Frederick  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I5554
19 Broyd, Frederick  Abt 1878Finchingfield, Essex I3381
20 Broyd, Frederick  Abt 1887Finchingfield, Essex I1123
21 Broyd, George  1863Finchingfield, Essex I1289
22 Broyd, Harriet  Abt 1848Finchingfield, Essex I1295
23 Broyd, Harriett  Abt 1865Finchingfield, Essex I1290
24 Broyd, Harry F  Abt 1867Finchingfield, Essex I5527
25 Broyd, Jane  Abt 1833Finchingfield, Essex I1292
26 Broyd, John  Abt 1809Finchingfield, Essex I1185
27 Broyd, John  Abt 1851Finchingfield, Essex I5510
28 Broyd, John  Abt 1851Finchingfield, Essex I5520
29 Broyd, John  31 Aug 1860Finchingfield, Essex I1034
30 Broyd, John Charles  1888Finchingfield, Essex I5545
31 Broyd, Joshua  1843Finchingfield, Essex I1294
32 Broyd, Martha  Abt 1859Finchingfield, Essex I5523
33 Broyd, Mary  Abt 1814Finchingfield, Essex I1299
34 Broyd, Mary Emma  Abt 1863Finchingfield, Essex I5524
35 Broyd, Samuel  Abt 1843Finchingfield, Essex I5517
36 Broyd, Sarah  1840Finchingfield, Essex I1293
37 Broyd, Sarah  Abt 1849Finchingfield, Essex I5519
38 Broyd, Susan  Abt 1830Finchingfield, Essex I1296
39 Broyd, Susan  Abt 1857Finchingfield, Essex I5522
40 Broyd, William  Abt 1817Finchingfield, Essex I1300
41 Broyd, William  1 Oct 1837Finchingfield, Essex I1056
42 Broyd, William  Abt 1853Finchingfield, Essex I5521
43 Broyd, William  Abt 1866Finchingfield, Essex I3967
44 Broyd, William  7 Nov 1885Finchingfield, Essex I795
45 Broyde, Elizabeth A  Abt 1873Finchingfield, Essex I5532
46 Broyde, Frederick W  Abt 1875Finchingfield, Essex I5533
47 Chapman, Alfred  Abt 1847Finchingfield, Essex I3797
48 Chapman, Arthur  Abt 1889Finchingfield, Essex I12613
49 Chapman, Eliza  Abt 1878Finchingfield, Essex I3802
50 Chapman, Fanny  Abt 1884Finchingfield, Essex I12611

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ager, Emma  30 Jun 1868Finchingfield, Essex I1288
2 Ager, Sarah  19 Apr 1824Finchingfield, Essex I1174
3 Broyd, Archibald John  9 Aug 1868Finchingfield, Essex I3968
4 Broyd, Charlotte Elizabeth  11 Dec 1870Finchingfield, Essex I3969
5 Broyd, Dudley  11 Aug 1850Finchingfield, Essex I4972
6 Broyd, Edward  2 Nov 1783Finchingfield, Essex I1400
7 Broyd, George  14 Jul 1793Finchingfield, Essex I13091
8 Broyd, George  30 Jun 1868Finchingfield, Essex I1289
9 Broyd, Hannah  10 May 1812Finchingfield, Essex I1298
10 Broyd, Harriet  12 Mar 1848Finchingfield, Essex I1295
11 Broyd, James  5 May 1799Finchingfield, Essex I13094
12 Broyd, Jane  23 Jun 1833Finchingfield, Essex I1292
13 Broyd, John  18 Feb 1749/50Finchingfield, Essex I13089
14 Broyd, John  8 Oct 1809Finchingfield, Essex I1185
15 Broyd, John  14 Jul 1861Finchingfield, Essex I1034
16 Broyd, Joseph  18 Mar 1804Finchingfield, Essex I13095
17 Broyd, Joshua  4 Jun 1843Finchingfield, Essex I1294
18 Broyd, Mary  4 Sep 1814Finchingfield, Essex I1299
19 Broyd, Samuel  12 Mar 1786Finchingfield, Essex I13102
20 Broyd, Sarah  12 Jul 1840Finchingfield, Essex I1293
21 Broyd, Susan  6 Feb 1791Finchingfield, Essex I13096
22 Broyd, Susan  2 Jan 1831Finchingfield, Essex I1296
23 Broyd, William  27 Jul 1788Finchingfield, Essex I13097
24 Broyd, William  9 Nov 1817Finchingfield, Essex I1300
25 Broyd, William  29 Oct 1837Finchingfield, Essex I1056
26 Broyd, William  11 Mar 1866Finchingfield, Essex I3967
27 Chapman, Sarah  13 Oct 1867Finchingfield, Essex I3798
28 Chapman, Willie  11 Dec 1870Finchingfield, Essex I3799
29 Hailes, Charles  6 Feb 1803Finchingfield, Essex I13093
30 Townsend, Sarah  11 Sep 1859Finchingfield, Essex I3796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ager, Hannah  16 Jun 1856Finchingfield, Essex I1944
2 Broyd, John  7 Apr 1825Finchingfield, Essex I13089
3 Broyd, William  26 Jan 1892Finchingfield, Essex I1056
4 Green, Phoebe  16 Jan 1864Finchingfield, Essex I1476

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Ager, Sarah  Abt 1828Finchingfield, Essex I1174
2 Broyd, Edward  Abt 1784Finchingfield, Essex I1400
3 Broyd, John  Abt 1806Finchingfield, Essex I1185
4 Broyd, John  Abt 1807Finchingfield, Essex I1185
5 Broyd, Joshua  Abt 1844Finchingfield, Essex I1294
6 Broyd, Martha  Abt 1862Finchingfield, Essex I5523
7 Broyd, William  Abt 1813Finchingfield, Essex I1300
8 Dawson, Emma  Abt 1857Finchingfield, Essex I5514
9 Dawson, Samuel  Abt 1828Finchingfield, Essex I4905
10 Green, James  Abt 1856Finchingfield, Essex I1877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ager, Emma  1891Finchingfield, Essex I1288
2 Broyd, Frederick  1891Finchingfield, Essex I3381
3 Broyd, Harriet  1851Finchingfield, Essex I1295
4 Broyd, Harriet  1891Finchingfield, Essex I1295
5 Broyd, Jane  1841Finchingfield, Essex I1292
6 Broyd, Jane  1851Finchingfield, Essex I1292
7 Broyd, John  1841Finchingfield, Essex I1185
8 Broyd, John  1851Finchingfield, Essex I1185
9 Broyd, Joshua  1851Finchingfield, Essex I1294
10 Broyd, Sarah  1841Finchingfield, Essex I1293
11 Broyd, Sarah  1851Finchingfield, Essex I1293
12 Broyd, Susan  1841Finchingfield, Essex I1296
13 Broyd, William  1841Finchingfield, Essex I1056
14 Broyd, William  1851Finchingfield, Essex I1056
15 Bye, Mary  1841Finchingfield, Essex I1389
16 Bye, Mary  1851Finchingfield, Essex I1389
17 Chapman, Alfred  1891Finchingfield, Essex I3797
18 Chapman, Arthur  1891Finchingfield, Essex I12613
19 Chapman, Eliza  1891Finchingfield, Essex I3802
20 Chapman, Fanny  1891Finchingfield, Essex I12611
21 Chapman, Fred  1891Finchingfield, Essex I12610
22 Chapman, Harry  1891Finchingfield, Essex I3801
23 Chapman, John  1891Finchingfield, Essex I3800
24 Chapman, Martha  1891Finchingfield, Essex I12612
25 Chapman, Willie  1891Finchingfield, Essex I3799
26 Green, Ellen  1891Finchingfield, Essex I3380
27 Green, George  1891Finchingfield, Essex I3379
28 Green, James  1891Finchingfield, Essex I1877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1881Finchingfield, Essex I1879
2 Ager, Emma  Abt 1881Finchingfield, Essex I1288
3 Ager, George  Abt 1824Finchingfield, Essex I1465
4 Ager, Sarah  Between 1851 and 1881Finchingfield, Essex I1174
5 Broyd, Alfred  Finchingfield, Essex I5525
6 Broyd, Ann  Abt 1861Finchingfield, Essex I5518
7 Broyd, Christopher  Abt 1891Finchingfield, Essex I5530
8 Broyd, Edward  Finchingfield, Essex I1400
9 Broyd, Ellen  Abt 1881Finchingfield, Essex I1291
10 Broyd, Frederick  Abt 1891Finchingfield, Essex I3381
11 Broyd, George  Abt 1881Finchingfield, Essex I1289
12 Broyd, George  Abt 1901Finchingfield, Essex I1289
13 Broyd, Harriett  Abt 1881Finchingfield, Essex I1290
14 Broyd, Harry F  Abt 1881Finchingfield, Essex I5527
15 Broyd, Jane  Abt 1851Finchingfield, Essex I1292
16 Broyd, John  Finchingfield, Essex I1185
17 Broyd, John  Abt 1776Finchingfield, Essex I13089
18 Broyd, John  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I5520
19 Broyd, Martha  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I5523
20 Broyd, Mary  Abt 1861Finchingfield, Essex I1299
21 Broyd, Samuel  Finchingfield, Essex I5517
22 Broyd, Sarah  Finchingfield, Essex I5519
23 Broyd, Sarah  Abt 1851Finchingfield, Essex I1293
24 Broyd, Sarah  Abt 1861Finchingfield, Essex I1293
25 Broyd, Susan  Abt 1861Finchingfield, Essex I1296
26 Broyd, Susan  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I5522
27 Broyd, Susan  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I1296
28 Broyd, William  Finchingfield, Essex I1300
29 Broyd, William  Finchingfield, Essex I1056
30 Broyd, William  Abt 1851Finchingfield, Essex I1056
31 Broyd, William  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I5521
32 Bye, Mary  Finchingfield, Essex I1389
33 Chapman, Alfred  Finchingfield, Essex I3797
34 Chapman, Harry  Abt 1891Finchingfield, Essex I3801
35 Chapman, John  Abt 1891Finchingfield, Essex I3800
36 Chapman, Willie  Abt 1891Finchingfield, Essex I3799
37 Chapman, Willie  Abt 1901Finchingfield, Essex I3799
38 Cowel, Alfred  Abt 1861Finchingfield, Essex I5516
39 Cowel, George  Finchingfield, Essex I4908
40 Cowel, Susan  Abt 1851Finchingfield, Essex I6039
41 Cowel, Thomas  Abt 1851Finchingfield, Essex I6040
42 Dawson, George  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I5513
43 Dawson, Jonathan  Abt 1861Finchingfield, Essex I5512
44 Dawson, Jonathan  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I5512
45 Dawson, Samuel  Finchingfield, Essex I4905
46 Dawson, Samuel  Abt 1871Finchingfield, Essex I4905
47 Fitch, Catherine  Finchingfield, Essex I4903
48 Green, Ada  Abt 1911Finchingfield, Essex I13550
49 Green, Christopher  Abt 1911Finchingfield, Essex I13551
50 Green, George  Abt 1901Finchingfield, Essex I3379

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Broyd / Ager  3 Dec 1859Finchingfield, Essex F284
2 Broyd / Britton  21 Jul 1833Finchingfield, Essex F4115
3 Broyd / Fitch  4 Jun 1842Finchingfield, Essex F1407
4 Broyd / Newman  17 Oct 1818Finchingfield, Essex F4114
5 Broyd / Peacock  24 Dec 1815Finchingfield, Essex F4116
6 Broyd / Playle  5 Aug 1882Finchingfield, Essex F83
7 Broyd / Suckling  17 Nov 1838Finchingfield, Essex F1405
8 Broyd / Townsend  7 Oct 1865Finchingfield, Essex F1135
9 Broyd / Wiffen  28 Jul 1809Finchingfield, Essex F315
10 Cowel / Broyd  2 Jun 1811Finchingfield, Essex F4113
11 Cowel / Broyd  26 Sep 1835Finchingfield, Essex F1412
12 Dawson / Broyd  24 Sep 1849Finchingfield, Essex F1409
13 Townsend / Broyd  24 Nov 1855Finchingfield, Essex F807