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Conisbrough, Yorkshire



Latitude: 53.483334, Longitude: -1.233333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martha  Abt 1837Conisbrough, Yorkshire I4932
2 Mary  Abt 1801Conisbrough, Yorkshire I609
3 Appleyard, Charles Brumby  Abt 1848Conisbrough, Yorkshire I3180
4 Appleyard, George  Abt 1813Conisbrough, Yorkshire I3179
5 Appleyard, Hilda  Abt 1872Conisbrough, Yorkshire I3181
6 Appleyard, Joseph  Abt 1841Conisbrough, Yorkshire I3183
7 Appleyard, Martha  Abt 1874Conisbrough, Yorkshire I3182
8 Appleyard, Mary  Abt 1842Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1242
9 Beighton, Mary  Abt 1857Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1636
10 Button, Edgar Jaques  1888Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7983
11 Button, George Albert  1884Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7981
12 Crookes, Alice  1875Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6306
13 Crookes, Charlotte  1874Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6305
14 Crookes, Clara  1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6322
15 Crookes, Elizabeth  Abt 1876Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6314
16 Crookes, Emily  Abt 1878Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6319
17 Crookes, John  1880Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6308
18 Crookes, Sarah  1878Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6307
19 Crookes, Sydney  1910Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6327
20 Crookes, Thomas Horton  Abt 1883Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6323
21 Crookes, William  1879Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6320
22 Downing, Frederick  Abt 1870Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6312
23 Downing, Gladys M  Abt 1896Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6313
24 Elmhirst, Ethel  Abt 1898Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6316
25 Elmhirst, Fred  Abt 1899Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6317
26 Lawcock, Agnes  Abt 1875Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1948
27 Lawcock, Allen  Abt 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7950
28 Lawcock, Amelia  Abt 1886Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7952
29 Lawcock, Bertha  Abt 1879Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1950
30 Lawcock, Edward  1892Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7986
31 Lawcock, Florence  Abt 1877Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1949
32 Lawcock, George B  Abt 1886Conisbrough, Yorkshire I5811
33 Lawcock, John George  10 Jun 1897Conisbrough, Yorkshire I5796
34 Lawcock, Lavinia  6 Feb 1900Conisbrough, Yorkshire I5798
35 Lawcock, Leonard  Abt 1884Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7951
36 Lawcock, Louisa  Abt 1893Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7987
37 Lawcock, Margaret  1888Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7954
38 Lawcock, Priscilla  1898Conisbrough, Yorkshire I5797
39 Lawcock, Robert Allen  Abt 1887Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7953
40 Piper, Sarah  Abt 1838Conisbrough, Yorkshire I8984
41 Simpson, Arthur  Abt 1836Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
42 Simpson, Arthur  1902Conisbrough, Yorkshire I675
43 Simpson, Augusta  Abt 1843Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1239
44 Simpson, Eliza  Abt 1848Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1240
45 Simpson, Florence  Abt 1868Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1243
46 Simpson, Frederick  1860Conisbrough, Yorkshire I546
47 Simpson, George Arthur  1884Conisbrough, Yorkshire I798
48 Simpson, John Alfred  Abt 1841Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1236
49 Simpson, Joseph  Abt 1838Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1238
50 Simpson, Martha  Abt 1838Conisbrough, Yorkshire I814

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Peace, George  2 Oct 1830Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1631
2 Peace, Millisa  1 Jun 1840Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1633
3 Simpson, Arthur  17 Apr 1836Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
4 Simpson, Augusta  25 Feb 1844Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1239
5 Simpson, Harriot  19 May 1805Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1640
6 Simpson, Joseph  28 Jan 1781Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1153
7 Simpson, Mary  12 Sep 1802Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1639
8 Simpson, Richard  31 Aug 1788Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1642
9 Simpson, Ruth  17 Dec 1811Conisbrough, Yorkshire I393
10 Simpson, Simeon Taylor  7 Jun 1807Conisbrough, Yorkshire I602
11 Simpson, Thomas  20 Apr 1783Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1149
12 Simpson, Thomas  18 Jun 1786Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1643
13 Simpson, Thomas Martin  10 Dec 1831Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1237
14 Simpson, Walter  15 Feb 1834Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7410
15 Yelland, Helen  13 Nov 1833Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crookes, Clara  14 Feb 1954Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6322
2 Crookes, Elizabeth  1 Oct 1926Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6314
3 Crookes, Robert  1898Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6298
4 Elmhirst, Fred  19 Jul 1927Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6317
5 Elmhirst, Phillip  8 Jan 1929Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6315
6 Horton, Mary  20 Dec 1922Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6299
7 Lawcock, Lavinia  1885Conisbrough, Yorkshire I558
8 Simpson, Arthur  5 Feb 1897Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
9 Simpson, Simeon Taylor  21 Jan 1887Conisbrough, Yorkshire I602
10 Simpson, Thomas Martin  29 Mar 1854Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1237
11 Westran, Mary  27 Mar 1860Conisbrough, Yorkshire I580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ann  24 Nov 1915Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1637
2 Mary  11 Jun 1854Conisbrough, Yorkshire I609
3 Boyers, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1817Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1151
4 Crookes, Clara  Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6322
5 Crookes, Robert  Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6298
6 Elmhirst, Fred  Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6317
7 Elmhirst, Phillip  Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6315
8 Horton, Mary  Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6299
9 Lawcock, Lavinia  2 Mar 1885Conisbrough, Yorkshire I558
10 Peace, George  3 Apr 1857Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1631
11 Peace, Henry  22 Apr 1875Conisbrough, Yorkshire I608
12 Peace, Joseph  22 Oct 1885Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1632
13 Peace, William  5 Sep 1891Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1583
14 Saul, Thomas  30 Aug 1884Conisbrough, Yorkshire I815
15 Simpson, Simeon Taylor  24 Jan 1887Conisbrough, Yorkshire I602
16 Simpson, Thomas  13 Mar 1839Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1641
17 Walker, Amelia  9 Mar 1866Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1246

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1806Conisbrough, Yorkshire I609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Booth, Charlotte  1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I607
2 Davis, May  1911Conisbrough, Yorkshire I912
3 Peace, Mary  1911Conisbrough, Yorkshire I591
4 Simpson, Arthur  1911Conisbrough, Yorkshire I675
5 Simpson, Dorothy Mary  1911Conisbrough, Yorkshire I865
6 Simpson, John Alfred  1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1236
7 Simpson, Martha  1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I814
8 Simpson, Simeon Taylor  1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I602
9 Simpson, Walter  1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1590
10 Simpson, William Westran  1911Conisbrough, Yorkshire I687


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Appleyard, Charles Brumby  Abt 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I3180
2 Appleyard, George  Abt 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I3179
3 Appleyard, Joseph  Abt 1891Conisbrough, Yorkshire I3183
4 Jaques, Leonard  Abt 1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I5820
5 Lawcock, Amelia  Abt 1901Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7952
6 Lawcock, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1891Conisbrough, Yorkshire I907
7 Lawcock, Edgar  Abt 1901Conisbrough, Yorkshire I909
8 Lawcock, Florence  Abt 1901Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1949
9 Lawcock, George  Abt 1891Conisbrough, Yorkshire I686
10 Lawcock, Leonard  Abt 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I903
11 Lawcock, Leonard  Abt 1891Conisbrough, Yorkshire I903
12 Lawcock, Leonard  Abt 1901Conisbrough, Yorkshire I7951
13 Orton, Richard  Abt 1891Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6175
14 Orton, Richard  Abt 1901Conisbrough, Yorkshire I6175
15 Simpson, Arthur  Abt 1851Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
16 Simpson, Arthur  Abt 1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
17 Simpson, Arthur  Abt 1871Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
18 Simpson, Arthur  Abt 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
19 Simpson, Arthur  Abt 1891Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
20 Simpson, Arthur  Abt 1897Conisbrough, Yorkshire I569
21 Simpson, Augusta  Abt 1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1239
22 Simpson, Frederick  Abt 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I546
23 Simpson, George Arthur  Abt 1901Conisbrough, Yorkshire I798
24 Simpson, John Alfred  Abt 1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1236
25 Simpson, John Alfred  Between 1871 and 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1236
26 Simpson, John Alfred  Abt 1891Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1236
27 Simpson, Simeon Taylor  Abt 1841Conisbrough, Yorkshire I602
28 Simpson, Simeon Taylor  Abt 1851Conisbrough, Yorkshire I602
29 Simpson, Simeon Taylor  Abt 1861Conisbrough, Yorkshire I602
30 Simpson, Simeon Taylor  Abt 1871Conisbrough, Yorkshire I602
31 Simpson, Thomas Martin  Abt 1851Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1237
32 Simpson, Walter  Abt 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire I1590
33 Simpson, William Westran  Abt 1901Conisbrough, Yorkshire I687
34 Simpson, William Westran  Abt 1911Conisbrough, Yorkshire I687


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Askew / Simpson  28 Mar 1825Conisbrough, Yorkshire F2194
2 Simpson / Davis  27 May 1901Conisbrough, Yorkshire F192
3 Simpson / Lawcock  23 Nov 1881Conisbrough, Yorkshire F196